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Supernatural February 27, 2011

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My favorite television show is Supernatural. I am consuming SciFi entertainment, because the show is about two brothers, Sam and Dean, that hunt down demons and kill them. The show also includes angels that help Sam and Dean hunt down the demons and kill them.

Television is telling us stories about what people are most interested in. Supernatural works by pulling in people who like watching about demons and angels with the human life depending on the destruction of demons on Earth. So really the show targets mostly teens and some adults.

The episode I watched was about how the brothers were in another world where they were in a TV show called Supernatural and their names were different. They were also being haunted down by an evil angel, because they had something that he wanted. So the episode was focusing on how they would know what was real or not. Also on how staying close is what will help them through all that is happening now that lucifer is walking the Earth. But through out most of the episode they are very confused on what is going on. This behavior appeals to the audience by how any thing can happen to the brothers in the show. Which means they will at times need to figure things out that might throw the audience watching off some, and that will possibly bring in more views because then the audience is trying to figure it out also.

Some of the commercials that were aired were about cars and other shows on the same channel. These commercials appeal to young adults and adults, because adults are the ones who can mostly afford the new cars and the young adults are the ones that watch the shows the most.

I don’t like the reality television shows because the people in them come off as fake to me. I also don’t like the shows with the preepy girls with a lot of drama because it makes me just want to yell at the girls and strangle them.


Victory records February 13, 2011

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This label specializes in rock, alternative, pop, and metal music. Now some of the groups this label produces are A Day to Remember, Hawthorne Heights, Four Letter Lie, and many more. In order to see what all the bands are that they produce you can go to the website and click on the artists tab at the top of the screen, and you’ll see that they put all the artists in alphabetical order. The label identifies its musical artists by putting their name on what ever people buy on the artists or go to to listen to, such as the CDs or on youtube. 

The label distributes its recordings to consumers by having a facebook page, putting songs on youtube, and free downloads. The label is trying to target teenagers and young adults. Some of the obstacles the label has facing in popularizing the artists is that it may take a while to get to people, or maybe the first person that hears a song doesn’t like it so won’t spread the word, or trying to get radio stations to play the songs so it reaches many. This label is an independent label and isn’t struggling financially.

Some major problems independent recording labels face is that they need to figure out how to raise all the money on their own to produce and get the word out about the artists, also that they need to figure out how they are going to get the word out about the artists they produce. Yes I do see independent recording labels over coming these prblems, because you see that bands are having tours and many CDs or songs are being bought of the bands.


Blogging and the Web February 5, 2011

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       I have never followed political blogs. I actually never knew that there was such a thing. I think that blogs might potentially change the coverage of the upcoming political elections by what is said in each of them. For not everyone has the same opinion on the people running, instead some of them might say negative things while another says positive things.

       The web is being used differently around the world as compared to America by being used as a scourge of despotism. I think that social networking can be an effective way to unite people and create change in the political movements. No I don’t think it’s possible to shut down the internet and wireless communication, because it’s the major way of getting information to one person to another. It’s also the fastest. I think the effect that disconnecting the internet and wireless communication had on Egypt was a little bit crucial, becasue they were having a lot of issues out there and hardly any way of getting a hold of some one to go help them out.


Me! January 19, 2011

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Hello my name is Cortney Smith I like to observe and solve things. I am a frehman in college getting my basics taken care of then transfering over to UCD to get my degree in Theatre Production so I can be a light/sound designer for plays in my career life. I am taking a journalism class for the credit but also because it interests me some, which is why I am drawn to the class. I’m also interested in all writing and journalism because I like learning about the world I live in and what is going on.

I am a pretty layed back girl because when I’m not in class or studying I’m hanging with my friends or listening to music in my room. I listen to mostly radio stations such as, 95.7, 93.3, 96.1, 107.1, and 107.5, which consists of rap, r&b, and alternative rock.  But I also do other things such as read, get online, and watch TV. I mostly like to read fictional books like the Twilight series, Dark Secrets series, Fallen, etc. I will also read the Denver Post and mostly fashion magazines or magazines full of gossip. When I’m watching TV I watch fictional or some truth based shows like Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, or Closer, and when watching those I like seeing the Progressive commercials because Flo cracks me up. And when I’m not watching TV I’m watching movies that are action packed, drama filled, fictional, or horror. Some of the movies I absolutely love are Moulin Rouge, A Knight’s Tale, and the Saw movies.